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When Chatroulette There are also some rules that both parties must be observed. Since the roulette chat takes place in real time , for example, must run no radio in the background. This is a rule . Even the TV is off limits. Anyone who wants to protect his family , should ensure that no one enters the room , while the webcam chat. Another rule was already explained. This is the rule that people who take each other on Chatroulette are determined by chance. If the connection is interrupted by one of the roulette chat partner can not be returned . It will immediately take a new connection and this can then be either forwarded or be interrupted by a click on Next again . In some chat roulette not the language can be selected in the spoken. In this variation on a lot of fun because it can cause communication problems under certain circumstances. The founder of this roulette chat has come up with something cool and laid down the rules . But unfortunately there are now random chat page on which the rules are interpreted differently. It has also each have their own rules. But the principle is always the chance of a gleich.Bei some operators Chatroulette Page Children are prohibited. This is also good because it serves the youth protection when its use is prohibited . For the operation of Chatroulette Page is often a particular program needed to be able to chat . When Webcam Chat offensive or extreme right gestures may actually be made . The Chatroulette Page is not there to spread pornography. Unfortunately, this often happens , and it may also happen that a child perceives the whole . There are also adults require the visit of the other adults who Chatroulette Page to certain things. In this case, the chat partner can also be reported .